Kemetic Seba Services

Wedding Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, Ascension Ceremony

We are available to consult and perform the following services for you:

Consecration, Consulting, Counseling, Coaching

Kemetic / African-Centered Wedding Ceremony
We consult and perform Kemetic / African-Centered Wedding Services - for as few as two people or for a village. We are available to perform your wedding ceremony, and if you would like to have our guidance in the design of your wedding ceremony. See a 'Kemetic Wedding'

Naming Ceremony - Child / Adult
Names, like words, have generating power - they call you into being. Your child / You should have a name that calls you to power, prosperity and abundance, a name that associates you with the Creator and the life-creating and life-sustaining forces, and with your cultural heritage. I am available to consult on name selection and creating your naming ceremony, and to perform your naming ceremony.

Ascension Ceremony
The funeral ceremony is principally designed to bid the deceased farewell; the 'Ancestor Ascension Ceremony' is to acknowledge and celebrate your departed loved-one as an Ancestor. An Ascension Ceremony is generally scheduled to take place approximately 40-days after the transition of the deceased. See an 'Ancestor Ascension Ceremony'

Marriage Counseling for before, during and post-marriage
Grief Counseling - for completion with relationship break-up, illness, or transition of a loved-one

Mediation - services address family conflicts, anger management, business conflict

Business & Life Coach - Coaching to supports you in achieving optimal performance and prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity Reading - to assist you in generating and maintaining abundance and prosperity Spiritual Reading - to assist you in being powerful, connected, centered, grounded and balanced with Creation.

Counseling, Mediation, Coaching, Readings and Consulting Services are provided via Video-Conference or Tele-Conference; ceremonies and other services are provided on location.

All of the above services are fee-based

For information and consultation

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