Embracing The Kemetic 'Way Of Life'

Ending Our Sojourn Under the Dominion Of White (Western-Aryan) Religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, and Hinduism

Defending Aginst White Invasion

Irrespective of how Black people came to 'embrace' the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, and Hinduism, an honest assessment of each of them shows that currently neither works in the interest of Black People, but instead work to dominate Black people in service to White people. A brief survey easily makes the point:

Name a country where the masses of Black people who embrace Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, or Hinduism are not impoverished, are politically independent, are economically independent, or are not racially oppressed by White people who dominate said religion?
That's Right: Neither you nor I can name one such place. Not One!

Now, name a country where the White masses that embrace Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, or Hinduism are not impoverished, are politically independent, are economically independent, and/or are not racially oppressed by another people?

Interestingly, you and I can name numerous countries around the world where these religions serve the interest of White people - for example White-Christian Americans, White-Christian Europeans (Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Portugal), White Christian Australians; White-Muslim Arabs (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, etc.); White-Jews of Israel; White Brahmans and Hindus of India, Pakistan, South Africa and countries in East Africa; and the list goes on. In other words these are religions systems of 'progress and control' for White people while they are systems of 'domination, oppression and repression' against Black people.

Black Contributions Notwithstanding
Yes, there is the history of Black foundations and contributions to each of these religions, however one must bear in mind that each of these religions (control-systems) were created by White barbarian invaders on the foundations of the very Black societies they participated in destroying. Briefly stated: Judaism, Christianity and Islam were created on the White debilitation and destruction of the Black civilizations/societies of Sumer, Kemet, Ugarit (ancient Syria), Canaan, and Hatti - to name a few. Brahmanism and Hinduism were created on the White debilitation and destruction of the Black Civilizations of Harappa - including the Mundu, and Dravidian and other Black societies of Asia and Indo-China.
Yet, what is worse, each of these religions (control systems) were used to invade, conquer, enslave, pillage, plunder, rape, colonize, repress and oppress Black people. Each of these religions (control systems) define(d) Black people as less than human, and that Black people deserved death and destruction in the interest of serving White theft and domination. No White religious (control) system, for example, can be credited with participating in the freedom and liberation efforts of Black people.

Africans (Blacks) Use of White Religions
In practically every instance Black people ended up using these (control systems) because the White purveyors had destroyed the Black institutions and infrastructure by which Black people were able to live their 'Way Of Life'. A case in point: White Christian enslavers of Black people in the Western hemisphere repressed African language, 'Way of Life' (including African spirituality), and organization and community building. Consequently these enslaved and colonized Africans were forced to embrace the only available language and religion - English and Christianity, respectively. This further contributed to the loss of the African identity and heritage disconnect.

In spite of this Black people made efforts to use both - the language and the religion - in an effort to free themselves and return to their home, culture and 'way of life'. However, along the way some Black people came to believe that said language and religion could actually aid them in the way that it aided White people, therefore they shifted their focus to permanently adopting the language and religion of there enslavers/oppressors. However, their efforts have been met with very, very limited achievements - they were able to organize small communities, press for an end to chattel slavery, press for and end to segregation; in other words they were successful at pressing for a reduction in overt brutality on the part of the White Christian enslaver/oppressor. Yet, they have failed in there use of Christianity of getting the White Christian enslaver/oppressor to yield one iota in there political and economic, and racist (white supremacy) domination and oppression of Black people. Interestingly the White Christians were / are, in the interest of their White-supremacy-agenda, comfortable with the very idea of oppressing and even killing the Blacks who profess to be of the same religion (i.e. Black Christians) as they. There are too many examples to cite in making the case; undoubtedly you already know of many.

This enslavement, colonization and White-supremacy domination in the Western hemisphere, is the same worldwide state of affairs for African (Black) people under the other White religions (control systems).

Time To Let Go and Return To the 'Way Of Life'
Undoubtedly we Black people have used these 'control systems' to get us as far as we possibly can - it is evident that these religions (control-systems) are beholden to the idea of Black people as slaves and servants forever. Nevertheless, it was never the intention of our Ancestors to embrace, or to have us to embrace these 'control-systems', but to steer us in the direction of getting back to our 'way of life' and to our 'spiritual systems'. And they had very good reasons for doing so. Principally because these White Religions were/are systems of conquest and enslavement; they are not consistent with the 'Way Of Life' - which is a system for improving the quality of life for all people; but instead they are part and parcel of the 'Way Of Barbarism' - i.e. the path of conquest, plunder, domination and hoarding of other people, there wealth and resources. And, among other reasons, these White Religions (control-systems) are anti- life and creation such that
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