Kemetic Wedding of Nana Auset-Ka and Heru-Ka Anu

This Kemetic-Centered Wedding was designed by us both - Nana Auset-Ka and Heru-Ka Anu - based upon our knowledge and understanding of 'Kemetic Spirituality' and the 'Kemetic Way Of Life'.

The ceremony included calling the community of creation to be present - including the Creator, Elements-Neteru, Principals-Neteru, Ancestors, Syblings, Seeds, 'Those Present', and 'Those-in-spirit'. The ceremony included 'Seating of the Elders', 'Call of the Community', 'Call of the Villages [Drum Call]', 'Processions of the Bride Party and Groom Party', 'Entering the Village Circle - drum and dance'.

Once in the 'Village Circle' our representatives - Family and Community Representatives - asked for and received our permission to wed; afterwhich, the Wedding Cermony took place. Having been wed, we were seated 'In the Way of Ausar and Auset' on the throne, followed by gifts of song and dance. At the request of an Elder we 'Jumped the Broom', followed by laying a 'Reef For Blessings' upon Nu (the Neter of water). We then held a wonderful reception, followed by a wonderful indoor party. The following moring we traveled to the Dominican Republic for our 'honeymoon'.

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