Mamadi Nyasuma, Triumphant

In Memory of our Brother Mamadi Nyasuma

"Go forth Ausar and Auset, announce to those above and below Mamadi is on his way to the home of those who endure forever"

"In praise great Atum and great Amen, receive Mamadi Nyasuma on his throne, let all of creation turn to him in praise; let all of creation give honor to the one who establishes Maat everyday - Mamadi Nyasuma, Triumphant."

Dear Brother Mamadi your sojourn was like that of Ra bringing light and warmth to us daily; your nurturing embrace was like that of Auset; your consideration of us was like that of Tehuti, your speech...your voice was endearing to hear. You who defeated isfit everyday, emboldened us with courage and fortitude like Heru. Oh, Mamadi as you return to your mothers and fathers - Nut, Geb, Shu and Ra - we beg to see you in the morning sun-rays as Khepra; like a star, may we see you at night... renewed like creation, living forever. To you Mamadi Nyasuma, Triumphant, Life, Health and Strength.