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Kemet Ntcheru / Gods Of Egypt - A Brief Guide

Following is a brief description of the Ntcheru (Gods, Life Forces) responsible for creating, governing and sustaining Kemet / Egypt society and existence.

The African Ntcheru (God) Concept - Many Ntcher (i.e. Ntcheru) one Creator

Among the five to six types of Ntcheru there are three primary types - creator, elements and principals. There is one creator responsible for the creation of life. This Ntcher sets things in motion through ideas and ideals. It is the creator whom we refer to when we say: "Ntcher {God} has a master plan".

Another type of Ntcheru is the elements. These Ntcheru sustain life. They we depend upon for our day to day survival - Ra (sun), Shu (air), Nu (water), Nut (atmosphere), and Geb (earth, by extension food). These Ntcheru, especially Ra, were once thought of as creators.

Another type of Ntcheru is the Principals. These Ntcheru govern behavior and are the standards of truth which is equal to life; a sort of duality of life. These Ntcheru are often referred to as the children of the elements and at times as independent of the elements depending on the religious-philosophical school of thought (i.e. Tehuti, the Greek Thoth).

In Kemet / Egypt, as in all African societies, Ntcheru (God) is considered to be ever present and each and every individual communes with the Ntcheru and is responsible for respecting them and being them (especially the principals) everyday. Hence, during the period of judgment that follows transition from this life the individual is queried by the Ntcheru as to whether he of she was as they are everyday. If yes, you would gain immortality, if no, your life ends.

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Amon, Amun, Amen, Creator Amen is the creator and is the sum-total of the Ntcheru.

Amen is both seen and unseen - i.e. manifest as the Elements and as creation, and is abstract, as are the Principals.

Amen is the source of life, its idea and ideals.

Ntcheru (Gods) Manifest - The Ever Present These Ntcheru, the Elements are ever present; they sustain life, they are not creators.

Supplications and prayers to these Ntcher thank them for their sustenance and that they not leave. These Ntcheru govern elements based science and knowledge - architecture, energy (solar, wind, hydro), agriculture, etc.

Shu (Air) holds Boat of Ra (Sun)

Ra - light, heat, solar energy, warmth

Nu - water (bodies), rain, and purity

Shu - air, wind-energy, climate, flexibility

Geb - Earth, land, flora, fauna, resources, abundance

Nut - Sky, atmosphere, environment, openness

Nut, Shu and Geb These are the primary Element Ntcheru, there are others.

Ntcheru Manifest through Humans - The Principals

The Principal Ntcheru govern behavior, however they manifest thought human action. They govern, among other facets, abstract thinking, abstract science and knowledge. Each Principal Ntcher is an aspect of the truth and governs that aspect.

Ausar (as fish and vegetation) and Auset (with seat of government symbol on her head

Ausar - The Living Word / Food - the seat of government.

The command of Ausar is "Speak Truth and Do Good" - one of the basis of civilization; the other is food; hence, his second command is "eat of my flesh and drink of my blood".

Auset - Compassion and Union / Food - the seat of government. Auset is the example of communalism and reciprocity in action. She along with Ausar teaches civilization, provides (is) food, and governs society.

Auset suckles Heru in company of Amen and Principal Ntchers Maat - Order, Balance - governs institutions of law and justice. Maat represents the manifestation of truth, and the aspiration and intent of the society and the individual.

Heru- Force, Courage - governs institutions of force (e.g. military). Heru establishes truth in the face of opposition and chaos; Heru restores Ausar - the living word.

Tehuti - Speech, Knowledge - governs institutions of learning. Tehuti provides the foundation for responsibility and the foundation upon which the society may grow and develop.

These are the primary Principal Ntcheru, there are others.

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