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Individual Titles
Individual titles are $12.50 each

African Civilization Lecture Series
_____ AC41107 African Civilization: Origins and Orientation 10,000 BCE to 1 AD
_____ AC42107 Aryan Destruction Of African Civilization: Chronology of a Psychopathic, Parasitic, Predator
_____ AC43207 Recreating and Connecting to African Civilization via Kemet Way / the Kemet Model
_____ AC44207 Transforming to African Consciousness and the Embrace of African Civilization

The Racism Lecture Series
_____ RS41307 The Origins and Development of White Racism
_____ RS42307 White Racism and Global Genocide: Chronicles of a Parasitic Psychopathic Predator
_____ RS43407 Are all White People Racist?
_____ RS44407 Conquering Racism

Kemet Religious Philosophy and Spirituality Series
_____ KG11399 The Ethics of Heru: From Pharoah Mena to Malcolm X

Special Collection - includes entire lecture-series on one disc
The Special Collection has it all, not one word is missing. You pay $50.00 when you puchase each series title individually, however you save $10.00 when you purshase the one CD featuring the entire lecture series.
Special Collection titles are $40.00 each

_____ AC4-5-07 African Civilization Lecture Series (see above for details)
_____ RS4-5-07 The Racism Lectures Series (see above for details)

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