Classes and Speaking Engagements
Presentations by Heru-Ka Anu

Heru-Ka Anu

"Not only do I offer presentations on the civilizations and wonderful past achievements of our ancestors, I also advocate for civilization in the present and future. Kemet Way, an ancient version of it, is what our ancestors introduced to the world during their time; I'm reintroducing it in this day and time.

I love sharing the fascination of civilization - the 'way of life', and its solutions for providing food, resources and comfort - in short 'Optimal-Living' for everyone and everything in both its past and future context; and 'global barbarism' in its past and present context.

When you want to see the 'big-picture', or what's behind the scenes, and know why it was done and how it's done then I'm the presenter you want." - Heru-Ka Anu


Audiences include professional and lay organizations and groups, among them: ASCAC (national and regional), The Urban League, ADACI, Khepra-Maat Temple, Diop-Clarke Study Group, various universities and colleges - including University of Maryland (BSU), Galudet (National Black Teachers Assn), Sojourner-Douglass College (Black History Club), and for more than twenty years Ta-Nefer Ankh sponsored events - including the Tehuti Lecture Series and now the Ankh Institute Lecture and Class series.

To arrange a presentation - lecture, class, workshop, seminar, or forum - contact us: Phone: 443-453-3010, email:, or write: Kemet Way, 5100 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21207