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Intellectual Warfare: A Short Biblo-Guide

Contemporaneous to the Aryan (European, Arab, Asian) invasions and decimation of African civilizations was the development of a philosophy and pseudo-science to proclaim African people as non-human and incapable of, or contributing to, civilization; in this dimmed light Aryans went about proclaiming African civilization as part of their history while denying their African origins, or even presence.

The following bibliography presents responses from the African world debunking the myths and fabrications of Aryan origins and in the process establishing the truth of the African origins of civilizations and of the benefit the Aryan world derived there from. Additionally, a few publications from contemporary Aryan authors (Lefkowitz, et al) who continue the fabrication of the 'Aryan Origin' myth have been included.

Further, in spite of facts, proof, and evidence exposing the Aryan fabrications, they've proven relentless in their intentions and continue their attacks against African people; in this light a few publications explaining this psychopathic behavior of the Aryan have been include as well.

Defending the African Identity

African World Revolution - Africans at the Crossroads - John Henrik Clarke

African World Revolution, Clarke "In looking at African history from the Africancentric point of view, my honest attempt is to correct some of the prevailing misconceptions about Africa and its people in order to see the global significance of Africa. It must be remembered that more than one-half of human history had occurred before the people now referred to as Europeans played any significant part in the shaping of world history." Dr. Clarke pulled together a significant treatise illustrating the contemporary battle to reclaim Africa's (and thus Kemet) true and rightful place in history; as well as forging a blueprint outlining the scope and nature of the battle as it has been fought and needs to be fought. His is an excellent survey of the terrain.

Intellectual Warfare - Jacob H. Carruthers

Intellectural Warfare, Carruthers "Intellectual Warfare, which is the focus of these efforts [17 speeches/essays], is discussed in historical context in the title essay...The argument was intended as a challenge to African thinkers to decisively continue our project to dismantle the European intellectual campaign to commit historicide against African peoples. The European atrocity which has been continuous for two and one half centuries must be unconditionally halted." P.xiii Dr. Carruthers builds on the foundation mapped by Dr. Clarke (see above title) by engaging the battle, identifying perpetrators of the 'Aryan Origins' fraud, exposing their myths and methods, and calling African scholars to battle.

Dr. Carruthers identifies the battle grounds as the fight for Kemet, and Greece, and the Aryan university - the bastions of the pseudo-science progeny.

Kemet, Afrocentricity and Knowledge - Molefe Asante

Kemet, Afrocentricity and Knowledge, Asante "The Afrocentric method seeks to transform human reality by ushering in a human openness to cultural pluralism which cannot exist without the unlocking of the minds for acceptance of an expansion of consciousness. I seek to overthrow parochialism, provincialism, and narrow Wotanic visions of the world by demonstrating the usefulness of an Afrocentric approach to questions of knowledge." p.v-vi Dr. Asante offers a framework, Afrocentricity, a tool the scholars can use in dismantling the Aryan myth-making apparatus. The framework of Afrocentricity (Africanccentricity, African-worldview) uprights the scholar from the use of a flawed perspective and methodology for engaging the truth and confronting falsehoods.

MDW NTR - Divine Speech - Jabob Carruthers

Mdw Ntr: Divine Speech, Carruthers "African Deep Thought must now speak for itself. Rather than set up an interview schedule containing the great issues of European philosophical inquiry, African champions must break the chain that links African ideas to European ideas and listen to the voice of the ancestors without European interpreters. Such is the purpose of the following contribution." pxviii Advancing the concept of 'African Deep Thought' Dr. Carruthers explores the philosophic and scientific explorations of our African antecedents gleaning from the a theme and framework that he uses in critiquing post-modern African philosophers and scientist towards a methodology for reconnecting with our forebears.

SBA: The Reawakening of the African Mind - Asa Hilliard

SBA: The Reawakening of the African Mind, Hilliard in SBA: The Reawakening of the African Mind, I have wanted to look at the mental encapsulation of our people. I wanted to look at how we are derailed in our quest for wholeness. I wanted to look at the elements that contribute to our confusion as we struggle to solve our problems in education and socialization. I wanted to look at our absence of focus and grounding. Especially important in this study was th examination of the environment that keeps us moving from crisis to crisis with no real introspection." p.xvii Dr. Hilliard in SBA turns his attention inward to examine the flawed infrastructure and superstructures we've created for our communities that do more to serve our oppressors than they do to liberate and redeem African people. In his assessment Dr. Hilliard points out the flaw and what must be done to liberate ourselves, and to defeat our Aryan enemies and their collaborator.

The Mis-Education of the Negro - Carter G. Woodson

The Mis-Education of the Negro, Woodson "The author...considers the educational system as it has developed both in Europe and America an antiquated process which does not hit the mark even in the case of the needs of the white man himself." p. xii Dr. Woodson, published this work in 1933 calling to the African community to examine the Aryan 'educational' system that demeans and trains them to accept servitude and domination by White people.
Dr. Woodson's work laid the foundation for the intellectual overthrow Aryan domination.

Redeeming Africa

Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality - Oba T'Shaka

Return to the African Mother Principle, T'shaka This book is the result of a life's work of struggle to achieve justice for African people. [It] is a product of activism and study...Through engaging the forces of white supremacy an the battlefields of Civil Right, Black Power, Pan Africanism and Afro-Centrism it has become clear that Black liberation depends upon knowledge of our enemy and knowledge of ourselves." p.xxi T'Shaka unveils the framework and platform for constructing (in our case reconstructing) the 'just society'. This work takes us on a journey through varied terrain exploring and contrasting the African world with that of the Aryan, revealing the Aryan incapacity to produce a 'just society'; while the African has several models - Kemet and Dogon being two of them; the latter providing a contemporary example.
This is a handbook for application in the rebuilding process of the 'just' African society based upon the principles of right and truth (Maat), and upon 'true' government of (Ausar and Auset). This book reconnects the umbilical cord between us and our antecedents.

Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt - Wayne B. Chandler

Ancient Future, Chandler "Before the dawn of the present era was a period known to the ancient historian as antediluvian, ...Mythological tradition holds that during this antediluvian period was born the great Egyptian Sage Tehuti or Thoth...His axioms provided humanity with a comprehensive analysis of the nature of creation and the universe...Thus, an examination of the origin, development and contributions of an entity such as Tehuti from the African myth perspective makes the incomprehensible comprehensible, and allows a true understanding of what would have been lost as historic ephemera." pp.23-24 In Kemet the 'Way of Life' was composed of Knowledge, Rituals (Doing) and Beliefs; Tehuti governed the domain of knowledge and every citizen was responsible for knowing an becoming Tehuti - the embodiment of knowledge. Chandler, in this books gives us access to Tehuti, who restores sight, speech, and illuminates / activates the mind.
Chandler's work lights the passage back to our selves, giving us the opportunity to 'Know, Do, Believe and Become' the higher self, triumphant.

Exposing Aryan Psycho-Pathology

The Psychopathic Racial Personality - Bobby E. Wright

The Psychopathic Racial Personality, Wright "This presentation is based upon a very simple premise: namely, that in their relationship with the Black race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history." p.2 Dr. Wright in his seminal essay, as is the title of this publication, set the framework by which African people must view Aryan behavior - they are psychopaths he contends. Further, he contends that it is the psychopathic behavior that must be studied and remedied if we are to address the racism engendered symptoms exhibited by African (Black) people.

The Isis Papers: Keys to the Colors - Frances Cress Welsing

The Isis Papers, Welsing "The papers in this collection were written over the past 19 years...They are of a whole cloth; all are derivatives of the white supremacy power system / culture, which before now has not been understood in sufficient depth." p.xv Dr. Welsing offers a comprehensive psycho-analysis of the Aryan (White race) pathological preoccupation with race and their perception that their very survival is tied to 'genetic survival', thus informing their genocidal wars and ravages against African people and other people of color.
Dr. Welsing advanced a theory titled "The Cress Theory" to explain Aryan behavior as due to "genetic inferiority" complex.

Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior - Marimba Ani

Yurugu, Ani "This study of Europe is an intentionally aggressive polemic. It is an assault upon the European paradigm; a repudiation of its essence. It is initiated with the intention of contributing to the process of demystification necessary for those of us who would liberate ourselves from European intellectual imperialism. Europe's political domination of Africa and much of the "non-European" world has been accompanied by a relentless cultural and psychological rape and by devastating economic exploitation." p.1 Dr. Ani gives us an exhaustive anthropological critique of the development of the Aryan psycho-cultural orientation and behavior. This is a very extensive examination of the European irrational rationale and pathology.
Ani illustrates the Aryan materialist obsession and the need to posses and control. Also implicit in her analysis is the sense of inferiority to which they react by continuously trying to prove otherwise; hence the need to proclaim 'superiority'.
Ani, shows the Aryan to be a spiritless and soul-less human, identifying with nothing in life, only objectifying. For example, whereas Africans celebrate Nature, Ani demonstrates that Aryans see themselves at war intent upon conquering and dominating Nature and everything therein.

Aryan Psychopaths

Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization - Martin Bernal

Black Athena, Bernal "These [2] volumes are concerned with two models of Greek history: one viewing Greece as essentially European or Aryan, and the other seeing it as Levantine, on the periphery of the Egyptian and Semitic cultural area. I call them the 'Aryan' and the 'Ancient' models. The 'Ancient Model' was the conventional view among Greeks in the classical and Hellenistic ages. According to it, Greek culture had arisen as the result of colonization, around 1500 BC, By Egyptian and Phoenicians who had civilized the native inhabitants. Furthermore, Greeks had continued to borrow heavily from Near Eastern cultures." p.1 Bernal's treatise fall into a very unique category in that he concedes to the African origins of Greek and Roman (European classical) civilizations while simultaneously attempting to interject 'Semites' as cofounders of said civilizations; yet he goes even further to claim Mesopotamian civilization as 'Semitic', and that it preceded Kemet / Egyptian civilization.
Even better Bernal claims 'Semitic' Mesopotamia jump started Kemetic Civilization. Additionally, Bernal usurps the theses of George G.M. James'(Stolen Legacy) and William Leo Hansberry (Africa and Africans As Seen By Classical Writers) both of whom he relegates to footnotes in his book.

Bernal's puts forth a very disingenuous effort as being willing to relinquish claim to one African civilization while laying claim to another African civilization - Mesopotamia. The semite question is addressed in the writings of Cheikh Diop who points out that they are but one branch of the Aryan race having the same historical experiences vis-a-vis Africans - invaders, predators and thieves.

How Afrocentrism Became An excuse to Teach Myth As History - Mary Lefkowitz

Not Out of Africa, Lefkowitz "This book thus has both a negative and a positive purpose. The negative purpose is to show that the Afrocentric myth of ancient history is a myth, and not history. The positive purpose is to encourage people to learn as much about ancient Egypt and ancient Greece as possible. The ancient Egypt described by Afrocentrist is a fiction. I would like our children and college students to learn about the real ancient Egypt and the real ancient Africa, and not about the historical fiction invented by European." p.xvi Lefkowitz's book is an wonderful example of Aryan pathology as it relates to African people. Herself ignorant of both African and 'classical' European history exhibits the Aryan paternalistic pathology that suggest anything stated by an Aryan makes it true. Throughout her book she dismisses, without facts, evidence or proof, all claims by African people to their own civilizations. She even dismisses the Greeks and Romans who lived to see and expressed that Kemetians / Egyptians were Black, and that the root of their, (Greek and Roman) civilizations is Kemet.

Black Athena Revisited - Mary Lefkowitz, editor

Black Athena Revisited, Lefkowitz "Few professional classicist in the 1980's would have imagined that the English-speaking world would take such wide interest in another amateur attempt - this time much more systematic and extensive - to discover the true extent of Greece's debt to Egypt and the civilizations of the Near East." p. ix Mary Lefkowitz and Guy Rogers present here a corpus attesting to the lengths Aryans and their trained Black would go to usurp the history and identity of African peoples as their own. As the African scholars have pointed out Kemet is ground zero, and Aryans must lay claim to it if they are to have a roll in, besides destroying, ancient civilizations. The attack on Bernal's work is a ruse to continue the attack against African people and the attempt to wrest from them their identity.
These writers are so absurd as to claim "Egyptian culture was monolithic and highly interconnected and inward-looking in its organization and style. Egyptian society appears to have been more homogeneous than that of its Near Eastern contemporaries. Perhaps in part for this reason, many Egyptian cultural traits did not travel well." p34. Kemet society is 'monolithic', 'inward-looking', and with "cultural trait that didn't travel well" when there is the need to keep them out of Mesopotamia so that Aryans may stake a claim.

However this nonsense flies in the face of African migrations throughout the Euro-Asian continents for thousands of years before and during the appearance of the Aryan. It flies in the face of the successive Kemetic societies established in Mesopotamia and of the successive campaigns into Mesopotamia to support those societies. One must conclude the Kemetians must have lied about there presence in Mesopotamia since these Aryans said so!
It is this type of pathology throughout the book that ignores the facts for pernicious aims.

Here the authors travel back and forth falling over each other to make one absurd claim after the other to the absence of Kemet (Black) peoples influence on Greece and Rome, and even to the point of proclaiming no Black Egyptians, only White ones who "painted themselves red and yellow" and Black but not white.
These pseudo-scholars travel through time assassinating (character and all) anyone who would so ever dare to suggest Africans had anything to do with Kemet (Egypt), Greece or Rome, unless maybe as slaves. These psychopaths would rather have you believe there was a 'great wall' separating Africans from civilization.