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Kemetic Religious Philosophy and Spirituality - The Way Of Life

The term "Kemetic Religious Philosophy and Spirituality" is somewhat of a misnomer and is better described as the "Way of Life"; as such, the Kemetic 'Way of Life' is a systematic approach to engendering 'optimal life' - providing food, resources and comfort - for everyone and everything. The 'Way of Life' has as its primary objective creating and sharing abundance and prosperity, and perpetuating creation, civilization and community by maintaining and adhering to 'cosmic order' and 'moral order'.

Cosmic Order - includes all of creation - was established by Atum (Ptah, Amen) the creator, and maintained by the 'Elements' Ntcheru - Ra, Nu, Shu, Nut, Geb, Maat, Neb-Het, Ausar, and Auset. Our essential responsibility to the Creator and the Elements Ntcheru is to respect the Cosmic Order and its 'Way of Life', and make no offense against it - therefore, we should not polute air or water, destroy by fire or buring, extinguish any life form engendered by the Creator, nor seek to engender a life-form other than by the Creator.
'Moral Order' includes the Earth Domain - was established by Ntcher Ausar - the 'Earth Sovereign'. His creed is that we collectively generate and share abundance, speak and do truth, and elevate the lives of each other.

In short, the Way of Life, has as its primary objective the Perpetuation of Life - by way of relationships that elevate life.

The Ntcheru - The Life Forces of Creation

The Creator, Elements Ntcheru, Principals Ntcheru, Ntcher-Incarnate (deified leader), Deified Ancestors, and Ancestors govern the Way of Life. The Creator Atum (or Ptah) created itself, therefore initiating the process of creation.
The Elements Ntcheruu, the life-forces that sustain creation followed - Shu (air), Neb-Het (atmosphere), Nu (water), Nut (Sky), Geb (earth), Ra (sun), Ausar (flora and fauna [food]), Auset (flora and fauna [food]), Het-Heru (minerals), and Set (metals). The Creator and the Elements Ntcheru, also known collectively as the 'Higher Ennead', govern the Cosmic Order. The Cosmic Order is what we observe as the universe - its cycles, expansions (unfolding), generated forms, etc.

The Principal Ntcheru, the life-forces that govern 'Moral Order' (including human behavior), followed the Elements Ntcheru - they include Ausar (the embodiment of government and the 'Living Word' - i.e. Moral Law), Auset (the 'seat' [embodiment] of government, unity, obligation, bonding), Heru (the force of truth - persuasion and coercion), Maat (Cosmic and Moral order and balance), Tehuti (communication and knowledge), Het-Heru (embodiment and protector of the society/state). The Principal Ntcheru, known collectively as the 'Lower Ennead' govern the 'Earth Domain' lead by Ntcher Ausar who is the 'Earth Sovereign'. Ntcher Ausar and the Lower Ennead set the laws and standards - 'Moral Order' that we are to adhere to; by doing so we are shown the way to abundance and prosperity in this lifetime, and immortality in the next lifetime. It we do not adhere to the 'Moral Order' we are doomed to impoverishment and ultimate death.

Next is the Nsut Bit (the Leader, Deity Incarnate), the 'earthly' embodiment of Cosmic Leadership as the 'Son-of-the-Sun', and as Moral Leadership the embodiment of Ntcher Ausar. In his/her capacity the Nsut Bit (Leader) is a Ntcher who has the responsibility to guide the society in generating abundance and prosperity, and guides the society in maintaining Cosmic and Moral Order. The Nsut Bit is party to the 'Lower Ennead'.

Next are the Deified Ancestors - these are individuals whose contribution to society, in the areas of abundance and prosperity and moral and cosmic responsibility, has been so profound that they have been elevated to the status of a Ntcher (Neter, Nature). Deified Ancestors, have authority and capabilities in there respective areas for which they have contributed and can be propitiated for their beneficence.

The Ancestors, 'those worthy of living forever', perpetuate the 'breath of life' that emanates from Atum (the Creator); it is through them that we inherit civilization and community (including family). Ancestors are honored for their contribution to the perpetuation of creation; they have the capacity to impact the affairs of human beings in the way of good. Following are 'Those Present' - that is you and I (addressed below). Following us are the 'Future Born'. To the 'Future Born' we have the obligation to provide a world of abundance, prosperity, and cosmic and moral order. To the 'Future Born' we may inform them of what is needed to improve the human condition that they may come with the capacity to affect what is needed.

The Cosmic and Moral Leadership in summary:

Creator: (Atum, Ptah, Amen) > Elements Ntcheru: Ra (sun), Nu (water), Shu (air), Nut (sky), Neb-Het (atmosphere), Geb (earth) > Principal Ntcheru: Ausar (government, law), Auset (government, unity, organization), Heru (force of truth), Maat (Cosmic and Moral Order), Tehuti (communication and knowledge) > Nsut Bit (Deified Leader) > Deified Ancestors > Ancestors > Those Present > Those Future.

Your and My Responsibility to Creation, Civilization and Community (Society)


Upon initiating creation Ntcher Atum created Ntcheru Shu (eternity) and Neb-Het (everlastingness), in so doing the creator intended for 'Life' and 'Cosmic Order' to continue forever. It is in this light that we have an obligation to not offend either. We have the responsibility to engender life-creating and life-sustaining relationships with all living things; in short our responsibility it to 'Optimal Living'. In such a world 'Life' is the yardstick by which all relationships are measured: The question is asked: Is this relationship life-creating and life-sustaining? If the relationship it is we embrace it, if it is not we reject it. Furthermore, it is for us to understand that all life emanates from Atum and is therefore related - either as a progenitor, sibling, or descendent; nevertheless, we are responsible to care for our relatives to the highest degree - be it an Ant or a Deer, a Whale or a Human Being.

We are responsible to adhere to the Cosmic Order, which engenders life. Therefore the extermination of life is an abomination against creation. Additionally, the threat of extermination of life by way of genocide, pogroms, bombs, nuclear weapons, poisons, or other means is an offense against Life and Cosmic Order and is therefore, an offense against Atum and Creation. As adherents to Cosmic and Moral Order we are compelled take neutralizing action those who engender and perpetuate such an offense (see below).


Ntcher Ausar is the Earth Sovereign to whom we are obligated; he governs the Earth Domain and has set it laws. Ntcher Ausar introduced agriculture (i.e. food in abundance) and the elements of civilization - including science, arts, writing, building, commerce, etc. In doing so we were given the instruction to share abundance and prosperity. Prior to agriculture the majority of people were Hunter-Gathers with close to an impoverished lifestyle, except for those in pastoral and fishing communities. With Ntcher Ausar becoming the Earth Sovereign and introducing agriculture and a new faith, he introduced the foundation by which the world was able advance to prosperity. With the admonition to share abundance and prosperity, the Ausarian Faith was diffused worldwide via the introduction of agriculture (abundant food), and the elements of civilization; hence, all of the major ancient societies, including Sumer, Hatti, Indus, Shang, Olmec, Ugarit, Canaan, among others were engendered from the embrace of the Ausarian Faith. The Faith was introduced to each population via the gift of food, unity, and knowledge. The Ausarian Faith was diffused through peaceful means and with the only obligation being that of adhering to the Cosmic and Moral Order and that of 'sharing abundance and prosperity'.

Community / Society

Society is governed by the Nsut Bit, Seba, and Ancestors. The Nsut Bit as the Leader is the embodiment of Cosmic Order and Moral Order; his/her responsibility is to maintain both and to engender and maintain abundance and prosperity of the society. His/her word is 'sacred' - hence, Mdw Ntr (see below). The Nsut Bit, the standard (symbol), instructs and guides the society in the 'Way Of Creation'. The Seba, on behalf of the Ntcheru and Nsut Bit, administer to the 'knowledge, rituals and beliefs' that establish and maintain Right and Truth - Cosmic and Moral Order within the Earth Domain. The Ancestors continue to benefit humanity by way of propitiation (prayers), supplication (offerings) and celebration (remembrance). Our responsibility is to follow the instructions and guidance of the Nsut Bit (the Leader), Seba, and the example of the Ancestors.

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