Ankh Institute

Ankh Institute

Ankh Institute is the educational arm of Ta-Nefer Ankh. The objective of Ankh Institute is to impart information pertaining to the 'Way Of Life' and Kemet Communalism - from ancient times to the present.

Kemet is the model upon which civilization developed and is patterned. The Kemet Model articulates the best methodology for creating societies for 'optimal living'. For thousands of years the creed: "Speak truth and do good" was a daily practice in Kemet, and other African societies. Consequently these societies endured upon the ideal and optimal 'ways of life' that benefited everyone.

Global invasions by Aryans debilitated, disrupted or destroyed the 'Way of Life' for every society they encountered. This has had catastrophic impact and consequences on the affected societies. And though Aryans have attempted modeling their societies on that of Kemet they have not been able to so, because they have not been capable to 'speak truth and do good'. In fact they live opposite the way of life.

Through Ankh Institute the origin and development of the Kemet Model, the day to day 'way of life', and the religious philosophy and spirituality are explained. Additionally, Kemet's world impact is demonstrated and reviewed.

The debilitating impacts of Aryan invasions are examined, and the subsequent plagiarisms and usurpations of African identity are revealed.

Through Ankh Institute blueprints for reconstructing societies from the Kemet Model for 'optimal living' is demonstrated and explained.

Ankh Institute Related topics including African civilizations (development and demise), Africancentricity, Aryancentricity, racism (its origins, development and use), Aryan pseudo-religious belief systems (including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and African liberation are addressed by Ankh Institute.

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Classes, Lectures and Workshops

Heru-Ka Anu, Teaching Class

Have Heru-Ka Anu present a class, lecture, seminar, forum or workshop on Kemet religious Philosophy and Spirituality or any of the topic areas listed on this page for your group or organization.

Presentations can be tailored for 1-hour up to several days.

Also ask about our 'Free of Charge' presentations to your organization

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About Heru-Ka Anu:

Heru-Ka presenting before ASCAC Heru-Ka Anu is the leader of Ta-Nefer Ankh, a lead spiritual teacher and guide with Par Ankh and a teacher with Ankh Institute. In addition to leadership, Anu conducts rites of passage ceremonies - including weddings, Ascension ceremonies, adult name change and other ceremonies.

Anu teaches Kemet religious philosophy and spirituality, history, and politics. He presents regularly at ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) national and regional conferences, and is often invited to present to grass-roots organizations and to college and university audiences.

Anu's presentations make Kemet history and society, as well as the Kemet Model for liberating and reconstructing African civilizations and societies understandable.

His presentations are informative, enlightening and entertaining.

Ankh Institute offers classes, workshops, lectures, seminars and retreats. Below is a sample of the curriculum.

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The Curriculum

Kemet Religious Philosophy and Spirituality Curriculum Three (4-hour) Classes.
KRP1 - Kemet Communalism – The Knowledge, Rituals and Beliefs of Kemet.

KRP2 - Communing With the Ntcheru – Relationships With the Gods Through the Cycles - Cosmic, Earth and Human - and Ethics Based Rituals

KRP3 - The Kemet Belief System Explored Through The Book of Coming Forth By Day And By Night

Special Lectures

SL1 - Aryan-centered (European, Arab and Asian) Religious Practices, and Beliefs (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, Confucianism, New Ageism) in the Domination of African People and the Suppression of African Spirituality.

SL2 - Kemet Religious Philosophy and Spirituality—It’s Beginnings, Apex and Demise

Lecture Series - Ethics of the Ntcheru – Thirteen Lectures

Ethics of Ausar – The of Word, Food and Civilization
Ethics of Auset – The Word, Food, Nurturing and Care
Ethics of Heru – Truth In the Face of Opposition
Ethics of Maat – Instituting, Justice, Order, Balance and Truth
Ethics of Tehuti – Through Reading, Writing, Speech…Understanding
Ethics of Het-Heru -
Ethics of Anpu - The Future Is Seen Before
Ethics of Ra – The Power of Fire and Light
Ethics of Nut – Womb of the Universe
Ethics of Shu – The Breath Of Life
Ethics of Geb – Our Earthly Foundation
Ethics of Nu – The Flood and the Reservoir of Life
Ethics of Amen – The Creators First Ideas and Ideals of Life


SMR1 - Kemet Religious Philosophy, Spirituality and Life-Centered Society—It’s Beginnings, Apex and Demise

SMR2 - Life-Centricity: The Kemet Model For Building A Society That Works


WKS1 - Kemet Communalism As My ‘Way of Life

WKS2 - Transition From Aryan-centered Religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) to Kemet Communalism - African-centered Spirituality

Study Groups

Our Study Groups examines seminal publications that support our objectives - including the following: Yurugu - An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought—Marimba Ani, and Ancient Egypt: Light Of The World—Gerald Massey

Think Tank

The Think Tank explores ancient Kemet and our efforts to construct a contemporary societal model—Kemet Communalism

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