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Par Ankh, meaning 'House Of Life', is the spiritual institution of Ta-Nefer Ankh. Through Par Ankh we come together as a community to celebrate the Ntcheru (Gods), the cycles of life, and the gift of abundance. Par Ankh governs our religious and spiritual undertakings as we endeavor to restore Maat as the standard of our existence.

Par Ankh For us the 'Way of Life' is a ritual dance we engage in on every level at every moment. Today we call 'the Way Of Life' Kemet Communalism. It is the way of creating a life-centered society that provides 'optimal life' for everyone and everything. Through Par Ankh and the practice of Kemet Communalism we, like our ancestors, design our entire society as an altar to the Ntcheru and make everyday a ritual celebration of life.

Through the practice of Kemet Communalism we become the 'living word' - having no distinction between our words and actions. Par Ankh activates our ideas and ideals into existence.

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What is Truth?

Heru-Ka Anu, Spiritual/Religious Guide

Truth was the first utterance of creation. Truth is life creating and life sustaining. Truth is being responsible and accountable to life. Truth is going through the day with integrity giving no room to lies, deceit, injustice, corruption, or ignorance. Truth is giving in to nothing that would contravene celebrating, creating or sustaining life.

Truth is being in action with integrity, to fight any foe on any level. Each day lived within order and balance is the truth. To complete ones job to the best of ones ability is the truth. To establish a family, have children, nuture them, and cause them to be responsible citizens to the society is the truth. Being up-right, supportive, accountable, fearless, giving, and posivive is the truth.

To the individual, truth is realizing your commitments and responsibilities of the day. Truth is having and sharing only thoughts of optimism and accomplishment. Truth is being at peace from moment to moment. Truth is to utter MDR NTR and no words of isfet - anger, jealousy, comtempt or disrespect. Truth is to be in the now with what order and balance require. It means being clean and neat, maintaining a clean and neat environment.

Heru-Ka Anu

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