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Ta-Nefer Ankh

Ta-Nefer Ankh means "World of Beautiful Living", which happens to be our aspiration. We are a community and organization of members living KemetWay - the Kemetic 'Way of Life'. Our endeavor is to create a world of 'optimal life' for everyone and everything. Living the life-style of KemetWay of course means we are Kemetic, which is similar to one who says he/she is Yoruba, Akan, or Dogon.

What Does Being Kemetic Mean? Being Kemetic means living a life in harmony and syncretism with creation, endeavoring to achieve 'optimal life' for everyone and everything; sharing abundance, being life-creating and life-sustaining in all relationships, achieving expansion and growth through unity, cooperation and collaboration; and endeavoring to transform the world into a global-society living the 'way of life'.

KemetWay is the contemporary 'Way Of Life' established on the model of our ancient Kemetic Ancestors. Like the 'way' of our Ancestors, KemetWay is a system of living to achieve 'optimal living'. In Ta-Nefer Ankh we organize and unite as a family and tribe to collectively create and share abundance and prosperity for everyone in our community. Our way of life is communal as opposed to individualistic and self-centered.

KemetWay is a 'way of life' within the 'African Worldview' (like Yoruba, Akan, or Dogon) that advocates collective creation and sharing of abundance and prosperity. We recognize that all resources are gifts of Creation for which we are responsible to share and maintain. Therefore, we hold that everyone is entitled to food, resources and comfort by right of existence; that we are custodians of the resources of Creation. In this light we do not acknowledge or accept the destructive notion and practice of ownership of resources - earth, water, sun (light, heat), air, etc.- upon which life depends. In this light we advocate doing away with beliefs and systems, e.g. capitalism, and socialism, that do advocate such destructive beliefs and practices.

The 'Way Of Life' is opposed to the 'Way Of Barbarism' - a system of conquest, conflict, plunder, destruction, and exploitation. The Way Of Barbarism espouses plunder by one group of human beings at the expense of another. For example, capitalism and Eastern and Western religions, (Brahmanism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) advocate the conquest of other human beings to the benefit of their particular group. In so doing these systems generate and maintain wars, genocide, slavery, cultural and economic exploitation, destruction and debilitation of other people and the environment. These systems foster and maintain plunder, theft, rape, oppression, murder, and immorality in general.

Via Ta-Nefer Ankh we are reconnecting to the current of African civilization, particularly that of the Kemetic Way Of Life, and pursuing 'optimal living' by creating Ta-Nefer Ankh/KemetWay Communities globally.

Our Philosophical/Spiritual/Religious Orientation

Being Kemetic means we, like our ancestors, we espouse the world view that we are descendents of the creator Atum, and are responsible to creation by living a life that is life-creating and life-sustaining.

We recognize Atum as the creator; Ra (sun), Nu (Water), Shu (air), Nut (Sky), Geb (earth), Ausar and Auset (food), and Neb-Het and Set (minerals) as the Elements that sustain creation; and Ausar and Auset (the living word), Maat (order, balance, rightness, justice), Heru (force of truth) and Tehuti (knowledge, communication) as the Principals that govern creation. We refer to these life-forces as Neter (Neteru plural). We also refer to them as Nature, which is a linguistic descendent from the name Neter (Ntr).

We espouse, and aspire to, society and government established to fulfill the objectives of 'optimal living' and 'shared abundance' that is seamless in the endeavor of everyone fulfilling the responsibility of creation and the society no matter their station in life.

Tenets of Kemet Way
You/We are responsible to do no harm to life and creation
You/We are entitled by right of creation (existence) access to what you depend for your survival and development - food, water, energy, land, housing, clothing, security, education, health care, etc.
You/We are responsible for the welfare of the community and all life
You/We are responsible to learn, know and understand the knowledge, rituals and beliefs that the Kemet Way society is founded upon.
You/We are responsible to live a 'principled' life

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What Are My Kemetic Responsibilities?
To live and maintain a life in keeping with the Creator Ntcheru
To live and maintain a life in keeping with the Elements Ntcheru
To live and maintain a life in keeping with the Principle Ntcheru
To live and maintain a life in keeping with life and creation
To be actively involved in creating a Kemet-centered environment, community, society, and world where living Kemet Way can be fully realized
To aspire towards and engage in personal growth and development
To collectively work for the growth and abundance of the Kemet community and society

What We Are In Opposition To
We oppose the notion and concept of ownership of the Ntcheru - Air, Water, Land, Food, Sun, etc. No one owns the Element but themselves
We are opposed to any form of society that dominates, oppress or exploits individuals or groups.
We are opposed to capitalism (greed and profiteerism), racism, colonialism, militarism, slavery, jihads, crusades, and other behaviors and practices that denigrate life and creation.

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Question: Do I have to join Ta-Nefer Ankh to embrace a Kemetic Life-Style?
Answer: No. However the Kemetic Life-Style is not a religion in the way of Western religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) where ones beliefs and practices can be separated from government, truth and reality. The Kemetic Life-Style is realized only in an environment that adheres to the principals of creation - in short no offence to life/creation.

Question: Can I join Ta-Nefer Ankh and Kemet Way if I'm the only member in this area?
Answer: Yes. You should not be limited by number or geography from living 'the way of life'. Furthermore, when you embrace Kemet Way you embrace the responsibility to create the environment, community, society and world in which Kemet Way can thrive. By joining you embrace the intention and responsibility to share Kemet Way with others.

Question: How Can I Learn More About Kemet Way and Ta-Nefer Ankh?
Answer: To learn more about Ta-Nefer Ankh and Kemet Way send us an email with your questions. Write directly to our Leader, Heru-Ka Anu at:

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To join Ta-Nefer Ankh send an email letter addressed to Heru-Ka Anu at:
What to Include:
1. Give a brief bio of yourself
2. State your intention to join Ta-Nefer Ankh
3. State your intention to live Kemet Way adhering to its Tenets and Responsibilities

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