Who We Are

Ta-Nefer Ankh

Most people would like a normal day to be one where their basic needs are met and where they are beholden to no one in regards to having access to necessities - food, clothing, shelter, education, health, etc. - fundamental to their survival and happiness. That's just who we are.

More specifically we are people of African descent in America recovering from the ravages of enslavement and racial terrorism, both of which have had significant impact on who we are and our 'way of life'. We are endeavoring to rebuild from the holocausts we have experienced. As African people we have chosen an African path for rebuilding.

We have chosen the best model for building / rebuilding that our people have devised; we call that model the Kemet Model. It is an ancient African 'Way of Life' that was responsible for engendering civilizations and societies over this planet. Our vision of rebuilding is to create societies that offer 'optimal living' conditions, contrary to any of the societies, especially those dominated by Aryans (Europeans, Arabs and Asians), which consciously denigrate African people to the lowest depths.

We are African-centered in our way of being, and we are 'life-centered' in that we advocate 'optimal life' for everyone and everything. Our 'Way of Life' is call Kemet Communalism, which is the Kemet Model modified for our contemporary experiences. Our fundamental objectives are to create societies where we can live safely, and as we choose. Like our ancestors we are dedicated to sharing the gifts of Ntcheru (Gods) with everyone. Yet, like our ancestors we are opposed to those whose practices - racism, slavery, theft, genocide, individualism, exploitation, imperialism, domination, and other practices of destruction and disruption - are contrary to the 'Way of Life'.

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Communing With Ntcheru At Work

Heru-Ka Anu

What ever we do as a profession should contribute to the cause of life, doing so makes us Ntcher-like, and in harmony with the Ntcheru; particularly the Ntcher governing the profession we practice. That most people in the world spend more time engaged in their profession than in any other activity suggest just how important it is to commune with the Ntcher governing our work.

Communing with the Ntcheru helps us to identify with the cause of life; helps us to recognize that the cause to which we are applying ourselves is larger than the cause of the employer, especially if the employer is not oriented and focused towards the cause of life. In this light our work becomes more productive and satisfying. Because what we do is for life and the Ntcheru, what could be greater?

you should establish an altar at you place of business for the Ntcheru that govern your profession, upon arriving, while you work, and upon leaving, you should commune with the Ntcheru.

Heru-Ka Anu

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