AKCO - Association of Kemet Centered Organizations

Heru-Ka Anu, Teaching Class

Association of Kemet Centered Organizations

Goal and Objectives:
The Goal of AKCO is to unite Kemet-Centered Organizations in promoting the Kemetic Way of Life, and in the following objectives:
Create and maintain a dialog among AKCO members
Support each other in outreach to the African [American] population
Support each other in providing knowledge and resources about the Kemetic Way of Life
Exchange of information
Popularize the Kemetic Way of Life globally
Protect and defend the Kemetic Way of Life
Be a clearing-house for Kemet-Centered information, news and events of AKCO members
Conduct joint projects, activities and events
And other related activities and endeavors

Who can join AKCO
Kemet-Centered Organizations can join AKCO
Organizations that promote a different African-Way of Life (e.g. Yoruba, Akan, etc) can join AKCO; said organizations will be known as FAKCO - i.e. Friends of AKCO

What is expected of AKCO members
It is expected that member organizations are living and promoting Ankh - the Kemetic Way of Life; and in doing so adhere to the tenets of Ausar and the Lesser Ennead:
Unite and organize
Create and share abundance
Respect, honor and perpetuate life and creation
Establish right and truth
Cultivate knowledge and genius

For membership or additional information contact the Chair of AKCO - Heru-Ka Anu by email at:

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