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Info-Site on Kemet and the 'Kemetic Way Of Life' - Ancient and Modern


While here get an understanding of Ancient Kemet [misnomer: Egypt] in history, and as a foundation of civilization throughout the ancient African world - including Sumer, Harappa, Shang, Olmec, and Tene societies; and its role in spreading the 'Way Of Life'.

Also get an understanding of KemetWay - the contemporary philosophy and practice of the Ancient 'Kemetic Way Of Life'. Classes and lectures are also available.

This site is the home of Ta-Nefer Ankh an African-Centered community that lives and promotes KemetWay - founded upon: Ua't Aku (path of our Ancestors) / Ausar's Mandate: “Speak Truth and Do Good” and “Generate and Share Abundance and Prosperity / Ankh – Celebrate, Revere and Perpetuate Life / and 'Maat'– Cosmic and Moral Order and Balance.
You are welcomed to join us!

Ancient Kemet (Egypt) Explained

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Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Civilization Resource Center

Nana Auset-Ka Anu

The Way of Life

Contemperary Kemet Society for 'Optimal Living'


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